The Staff

Who make it happen

Alex Gurevich - Executive Director

Alex was born and raised in Jersey City. His previous jobs have included theater carpenter, stagehand, and rigger. He recalls his first job as delivery boy for a florist shop, biking all around JC delivering bouquets. Alex's father, Grigory Gurevich, formed Arts on the Hudson to benefit the community in Jersey City in the early 80s, when there was no such directive in the city. Growing up, Alex attended many of the Arts on the Hudson after-school classes, giving him the opportunity to try out and learn about many forms of art. Because of these programs, he believes he has been permanently impacted and has become a strong advocate of the arts. Alex has been involved with Arts on the Hudson alongside his father since he was a kid, and is now so excited to revitalize and adapt the initiative to continue to serve the Jersey City community.

Chris Colonnese - Production Manager

Chris was born in Central Jersey and has found a home in one city after another. The sense of community in the Jersey City arts scene, however, has proven itself more powerful than the pull of rampant nomadicism and, since 2014, the Heights have been home. Chris is a multi-instrumentalist and a high school teacher with a love for New Jersey's underground punk scene and its DIY approach to projects. As AOTH expands, Chris looks forward to working with and connecting artists of a diversity of backgrounds and media in the greater Jersey City metropolitan community and beyond!

David Acosta - Director of Events/Development

David was born and raised in the Greenville section of Jersey City and continues to live there now. David is a freelance musician and actor as well as a proud geek who works at a local comic shop. He received his BA in Theater Arts from MSU and since then has been paving his own path as an independent artist inspiring others that share this dream. He is passionate about empowering local artists and creating spaces to bring people together. With Arts on the Hudson, he is especially looking forward to expanding arts programming for youth. You can find David performing all around NJ and NYC as well as hosting fundraisers that bring together local artists and raise awareness to the issues close to his heart.

Karla Aybar - Administrative Assistant/ Program Coordinator and Lead Teacher of Art Start

Karla was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Jersey City when she was three. Growing up, she was very involved with theater and believes this positively shaped a large part of her identity. Karla recalls how it was through art programs she felt she was a part of her community, so she is thrilled to reconnect with the community through Arts on the Hudson. Karla has worked with children all her life and most recently was a counseling intern, learning more about childhood psychology and development. She is excited about providing a platform through which people who might not otherwise be able to express themselves have access to the support and materials they need to realize their creative goals.

Nate Spilman - Information Technology Director

Nate was born and raised in Jersey City and benefited from Arts on the Hudson programs growing up. He believes that arts non-nrofits are a cornerstone of a city’s culture, so he is thrilled to be a part of ongoing projects with Arts on the Hudson. Nate works for a tech company and was in the band Wine and Dinosaurs, a Jersey City band with other Arts on the Hudson members. Nate looks forward to using web development and IT to create a platform for artist promotion, communication and collaboration.

Alex Goold - Visual Media Editor

Alex was born in New York City and raised on Jersey City's West Side. He has been involved in acting, music, and visual arts for the majority of his life. His background includes 3D animation and compositing and was also in the band Wine and Dinosaurs! More recently, he has worked as an after school music teacher. He is happy to get back into the art scene with Arts on the Hudson and use his experience with video post-production and CGI to create aesthetically exciting content that clients are excited to share.